NDES FOUNDATION’s Donation Policy

Donation Policy

NDES FOUNDATION’s Donation Policy This policy relates to how information that donors may provide through the website or directly by phone or email may be treated. We do notlease, sell, distribute, exchange, switch or divulge donor information to any third party. All information will be used strictly as requested by the donors or to fulfill their request such as for the purpose of receiving shipments or other material donations that will require the involvement of a third party.

All credit card and private information provided to NDES FOUNDATION by donors is transmitted with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption using PayPal as a payment medium.

NDES FOUNDATION’s donation policy ensures that all donations are directed fully or 100 percent into the specific purpose elected by the donor. Donations are NEVER used to foot any private bills or expenses of persons and individuals working for the foundation.

Donors may specify thatNDES FOUNDATIONuses their contribution for a specific program activity. Such funds shall be used strictly for that purpose. We shall decline or return any donation provided to be used for any activity or purpose that does not meet our humanitarian objectives in the domains of health and education for the underprivileged.

Unrestricted donations are however crucial in enabling NDES FOUNDATION meet the exigencies of its humanitarian activities taking into consideration the most pressing needs of the underprivileged. Through such funds we are able to assist people in hard-to-reach communities.

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Without the services of our volunteers, we won’t be able to reach out to all those whom we have been able to reach out to this far.