Vocational Training & Sports Center

The NDES Vocational Training & Sports Center in Buea, Cameroon, will be a new multi-purpose space designed to promote the personal development of children and youths from the region. The Center will provide a safe haven for up to 300, offering skills workshops, counselling and sport.

With training in marketable skills, increased self-confidence, and a network of support behind them, it is hoped that the life chances of these children and youths will be transformed.

Technology Skills

Computer science and technology training will be provided for a range of age groups , delivered by dedicated faculty from the NDES Technology and Incubation Hub. The training will not only help develop crucial skills, but through the use of role models and mentors, will provide a positive and supportive environment for each individual attending.


A dedicated program of sport is being developed to provide the children and youth of the area regular access to training and team activities. Sport can act as a powerful tool to attract youth participation, and it has the power to instil values such as respect, teamwork, sportsmanship, and discipline. The first program being developed will focus on the favourite sport of the nation - football.