Boma Miranda Mah is a captivating and dynamic individual with a diverse range of talents and skills that define her as a true grassroots professional. Her entrepreneurial spirit, sharp administrative capabilities, and innate talent for event planning have contributed to the successful organization of numerous community-based events.

As a leadership coach and mentor, Boma brings a unique and innovative approach to making a lasting impact by nurturing talent and instilling a sense of purpose within grassroots communities. Her vibrant personality allows her to effortlessly assume various roles, including that of a community manager, where she excels in uniting people and fostering a sense of unity among community members.

One of her proudest achievements includes organizing impactful leadership training programs within Cameroon and neighboring regions, with notable success in Rwanda, East Africa. Boma’s unwavering dedication and adaptability make her a dependable professional, always eager to learn and proficient in utilizing new tools to organize and monitor grassroots growth.

Boma Miranda Mah resides in Buea, Southwest Region, Cameroon, and she is deeply committed to contributing her skills and heart to advance the noble vision of NDES, with a primary focus on uplifting and empowering grassroots communities.

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