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Giving For The Greater Good

Empowering Communities

The NDES Foundation is a dynamic organization dedicated to empowering communities by enhancing their access to education, healthcare, and infrastructure. NDES works tirelessly to bridge gaps and provide essential resources that enable communities to thrive.


The NDES Foundation aspires to become a steadfast and trusted ally, deeply rooted in the heart of Cameroon's overlooked communities, offering unwavering support and empowerment.


The mission of the NDES Foundation is to work hand in hand with grassroots communities, providing essential support in education, healthcare, and infrastructure, empowering these underserved regions to uplift themselves from poverty.


Aligned with our mission and vision, the NDES Foundation upholds a steadfast commitment to safeguarding children and vulnerable individuals, ensuring a zero-tolerance stance against any form of abuse and exploitation. We firmly believe that universal access to quality education and healthcare is pivotal for all.

We are Deeply Engaged In
Community Development

NDES engages in community development within the rural regions of the North West and South West of Cameroon. Our approach involves closely collaborating with these communities to identify their specific needs and deliver our support to them.

Infrastructure and Power

With power outages frequently lasting up to 5 days, every aspect of daily life across the region is affected

Education and Family

In the words of a well-known African proverb ‘educating a girl is educating a nation’ and hence educating the world

Health and Well-Being

Health, well-being, and sanitation are still not something the communities of Cameroon can take for granted

By your side
every step of the way.

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Brief Journey of NDES Foundation

The Nde Zachariah’s Descendants Foundation (NDES Foundation) was established in 2019 by the surviving family of Ma NDE Elizabeth and Pa NDE Zachariah, who resided in Buea, in the North West region of Cameroon. Their legacy continues to inspire the Foundation’s mission. In their memory, we are dedicated to assisting some of Cameroon’s most overlooked rural communities. Our primary focus is on empowering these communities to achieve self-reliance and long-term sustainability.

Activities and Publications

The news about recent activities for needed peoples.

Meet The NDES Foundation Team

NDES has been fortunate to collaborate with exceptional individuals who have generously offered their services to support the foundation, often receiving little to no remuneration.

Became Volunteers.

NDES foundation will not exist without the services of our volunteers. Thank you as you make a positive impact for people

Make a Donation

Giving is a gist that always comes back to us. We believe in giving for the greater good

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