Marvin is an enthusiastic and dynamic leader with a flair for effective communication. He holds a Master’s Degree in Marketing and has a rich professional background, having collaborated with various organizations, including MAD Sarl, RUSREX-CAM Sarl, CAMS DISTRIBUTION, NSIA GROUPE, ISEM-IBCG GROUPE, G.M.C S.A, and PriVida CAMEROUN LTD, where he played pivotal roles in cultivating and nurturing partnerships.

In his current role as a Community Engagement Coordinator, Marvin leverages his charismatic speaking abilities and leadership skills to champion the Foundation’s mission. His primary focus is on portraying a positive image of the Foundation while forging new alliances and connections with organizations and individuals who share our commitment to community betterment. Through his efforts, Marvin aims to amplify the impact of our initiatives and drive positive change within the communities we serve.

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