Kuum Joseph Bama is a dedicated individual with a multifaceted background. Married and a proud parent of two children, Bama has successfully earned a Higher national Diploma in Banking and finance, showcasing his commitment to academic excellence.

His professional journey has led him into the realm of Information Technology, where he currently holds a pivotal role in overseeing the expansion programs at the NDES Institute of Technology. As an IT professional, Bama combines his technical expertise with strategic vision to drive the institute’s growth and development.

However, Bama’s passion extends beyond the professional realm. He is a staunch advocate for humanitarian causes, with a particular focus on girls’ education. This commitment reflects his belief in the transformative power of education and the need to empower girls to reach their full potential.

Balancing his roles as a family man, IT professional, and humanitarian, Kuum Joseph Bama embodies the spirit of a well-rounded individual dedicated to making a positive impact on both the professional and social fronts.

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