NDEF brings together kids from four orphanages in Buea for an outdoor retreat

NDEF brings together kids from four orphanages in Buea for an outdoor retreat

The premises of the former Alliance Francaise Camerounaise (now CURELF) Buea, this 16th November 2019 hosted over 60 kids from four orphanages within the Buea municipality for an outdoor event. The event was intended to give the orphans a feel of what a picnic is all about. Taking them out of their homes to interact with their peers from other orphanages was the general goal. The beautiful scenery and spacious playground of the Alliance premises was thus ideal.

The participating orphanages included Teleola Martha Foundation, St. Glory Orphanage, Ayah Foundation and Mountain Kids Orphanage. The kids were visibly overjoyed as they gave numerous dancing presentations and comedy kits to the entertainment of all present. Speaking on behalf of the management of Mountain Kids Orphanage, Miss Stella Ndangoh expressed their appreciation to the NDES Foundation for such a wonderful initiative that offers the kids the hope and believe that there are loved and cared for by others. Coming out to have fun and learn with their peers in an interactive manner takes away the pressure of learning in a classroom while at the same time offers them a chance to talk one-on-one with community role models.

A key activity during the event was a question and answer quiz that saw the best kids from each orphanage take on each other. The questions which were drawn from all disciplines were intended to teach the kids basic general knowledge and to expose them to topics which they are mostly likely to come across as they grow up. Dr. Mrs. Neh Nchang who served as the chief judge of the occasion explained that the aim of the competition was not to select a winner but simply to inspire the kids to strive for excellence in their academic works.

After the numerous dancing presentations and quiz, the kids were then grouped together according to their age grades for refreshment. During refreshment, various role models and persons of high moral standing passed round to have one-on-one talks with the kids on their aspirations, life challenges, dreams and how to overcome what ever hurdle life may throw their way. It was all about inspiring the kids and giving them the believe that they are not different from others. With hard work and determination, they can become whatever they choose to become.
This was the pioneer inter-orphanage outdoor event organized by the NDES Foundation. The vision of the foundation is to become the number one name in Cameroon when it comes to such educative outdoor events for the underprivileged and vulnerable children. The goal is to be able to bring together orphanages from all over Cameroon through such a national competition that will see winners emerge with scholarships on behalf of their orphanages. This event was thus just the first step in this journey of a thousand miles.

As always, the event ended with the handing over of some basic household gifts such as menstrual pads, bathing soaps, bathing slippers and bedsheets to the management of all the orphanages. After a general round of dancing, jubilation and running around by the kids, the NDEF management team further provided transportation to take the over joyous kids back to their homes.

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